Topiary made from coffee beans: step-by-step instructions for making

Homemade topiary is a wonderful gift, which is quite easy and simple to make.
A beginner will make a stylish topiary in a few hours. An unusual composition is a wonderful decoration for a residential or office space and an unusual gift. To make it you will need patience and some materials: coffee beans, twine, glue and a number of tools that can be found in a hardware store. You need to start the creative process by choosing a composition design.

Topiary “Flying Cups”: searching for inspiration

Coins, seashells, buttons, beads, pearls and coffee beans are used to create creative crafts. When choosing a material, you need to build on your own preferences and available resources. Another reference point will be the upcoming occasion: Easter, birthday or February 14th.

Regardless of the occasion and materials chosen, topiary is initially created on paper. Unlike real materials, you can design a composition on a sheet as many times as you like. If thoughts don’t come to mind, then a master class will come to the rescue. Watching video fragments will not take much time.

As an additional means of finding inspiration, it is recommended to use:

  • View thematic catalogs.
  • Visiting handicraft shops.
  • Watch programs about design.
  • Poll of friends and so on.

After analyzing the various options, you can choose the one that best fits into the interior. It must be remembered that flying compositions are selected taking into account the prevailing color in the interior. Once the project is approved, work can begin. Before going to the store to buy a list of necessary materials, it is better to think in advance about what you will need. Regardless of the size of the composition, it is imperative to purchase a cup and saucer. It is desirable that they combine harmoniously.

How to make a beautiful topiary magnet is described in this material:


To make your own topiary, it is recommended to use a wide variety of materials. It can be ordinary paper or napkins, nut shells, shells and river pebbles, flowers (live, dry or artificial), etc. But, probably, the most original crafts are made using coffee beans. Recently, it has also become fashionable to create “edible” crafts, for example, using candy. So candy bouquets are already catching up with traditional ones in popularity. But in any case, the only limitation if you want to make a tree from aromatic coffee beans with your own hands is your imagination. After all, the decoration can be candy, satin, etc.

After choosing the material from which the topiary will be made, you need to decide on:

  • its size;
  • shape;
  • decor.

As for the size, there are no restrictions and your tree of happiness can be very tiny, or it can be large. If you are planning to make an element with your own hands to decorate the interior, and the space of the room allows it, it is recommended to make a large decorative tree. If you need to make a small table decoration, then a small topiary will be just right.

By the way, a tree of happiness made with your own hands can be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

As for the shape, there are certain standards - a round ball as the crown and a thin high leg as the trunk. However, recently these standard forms are increasingly becoming non-standard. But thanks to the decor, you can make truly original and very unusual souvenirs.

DIY Easter topiary “Flying Cup”

It is more fun to celebrate a holiday when it is decorated with stylish compositions. One of the most common is the “cup of abundance.” It is done in light colors, using shards or pebbles. Designers urge not to limit the flight of imagination. The main thing is to adhere to a sense of proportion, otherwise the composition will not stand still.

An Easter floating mug is created in a few hours.

To do this you will need the following materials:

  • Painting tape.
  • Shards from an old pot.
  • Sisal green.
  • 20-25 pieces of plastic eggs.
  • Artificial roses or a set of flowers.
  • 3-5 branches.
  • Thermal glue.
  • 3-4 small chicken figures.
  • A fork that needs to be bent using pliers.

To avoid accidental damage to the dishes, the place of contact between the bent fork and the cup and saucer must be covered with tape. Carefully stick the fork with its tines to the bottom of the saucer. Glue drying time is 35 minutes. After making sure that it is really dry, you should fix the fork handle on the bottom of the cup.

When creating a composition with your own hands, you need to remember safety precautions. Immediately after securing the cup at the top, it should be supported with a thick, high box. A simple technique will not allow the composition to fall apart until the glue dries. Attention and accuracy will be needed when decorating the lower part of the composition.

It is necessary to choose it wisely - the stability of the base ensures the durability of the composition. For these purposes, decorative pebbles are used, on top of which sisal is laid out. Masking tape will help to disguise the fork, onto which the sisal is attached with a glue gun. Using a similar tool, the upper part of the inner surface of the mug is decorated with decorative branches.

Topiary made from money and coins will perfectly complement the interior of your home:

The design of the saucer includes decorative Easter eggs, which are fixed with a glue gun closer to the rim of the base. The eggs are laid out in such a way that the roses fit into the gaps. If desired, the composition is complemented with lace or sequins.

Flower waterfall

If you have visited applied art exhibitions at least once, you probably noticed that one of the most common products in this direction is a floating cup with flowers made of satin ribbon. Our master class will tell you how to make such an original product with your own hands. Any fabric scraps of various shades and textures are suitable for modeling flowers.

Necessary materials:

  • multi-colored satin ribbons;
  • leaf template;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun with rods;
  • pencil;
  • saucer and mug;
  • wire;
  • threads;
  • needle.

Coffee topiary “Flowing mug”

Fans of the strong drink will please themselves or loved ones with a stylish interior detail. To make it you will need materials, as in the previous case. The only exceptions will be a few moments related to the main decorative element - coffee beans. You should choose them not in the market, but in the store. In this case, the special aroma will remain for a long time.

Designers do not recommend taking goods that have been lying on the counter for a long time. Such grains are heavily saturated with atmospheric moisture and odors. In order for a flying coffee composition to be truly spectacular, you will need 500 - 700 grams of beans to make it.

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Choose a geometric shape for the composition: ball, heart, etc.
  • Find a stick or pencil that will act as a base.
  • The craft can be installed in any container the size of which matches the design.
  • Mix the fixing solution in a pot and quickly insert the base of the composition into it.
  • Make a hole in a pre-selected geometric shape that is used for fastening to the trunk.
  • Cover the base with masking tape.
  • The first layer of coffee beans is applied with the strip down, and the second - up.

For beginners, it would be useful to know that after each stage of pasting, at least 30 minutes pass before the next one begins. The specified time is enough for the glue to dry. The creative process is completed by fixing a wire that is strong in its structure on the cup and saucer. To do this, you need to bend both ends of the wire by 4-5 cm, moistening them with thermal glue.

Children's topiary “Floating Cup”

The flowing compositions, unusual in form and content, will delight both children and adults. Light and calm tones are chosen for it, for example, blue, orange or burgundy. As a basis, topics related to the child’s favorite animated characters, literary heroes or hobbies are chosen. Photos of finished options will give you some ideas.

We also recommend learning how to create a topiary from corrugated paper:

The designers have developed recommendations to help you make your choice:

  • If we are talking about a girl, then samples of princesses or a fairy house are chosen as a blank.
  • Boys will be easily impressed by a hovering alien flying saucer, a super hero or an airplane.
  • Baby wants a pet? Then a figurine of a psi, cat or bird is taken as the basis.

One grain from the history of origin

Historians believe that the art of creating trees from improvised materials, mainly of natural origin, was born in Ancient Rome.
Topiaries began with branches of trees and bushes cut at different angles in the beautiful, majestic gardens of emperors. Master gardeners could carve a statue or figure from a bush according to the owner’s order. Even nuns in medieval monasteries (in their monasteries) engaged in such hobbies as giving the garden a certain shape, making artificial figurines and trees from natural materials.

Topiary for beginners (photo)

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