Comparative test of capsule coffee machines: to drink or not to drink? Espresso without the hassle.

For those who like to drink coffee in the morning, but do not want to bother with beans and powder from them, a capsule coffee maker will come in handy. It works in the same way as other types of invigorating drink devices. The main difference is that a capsule with coffee powder is used here. Hot water passes through the bag, previously pierced with a special needle, and gradually removes the aroma, taste and color from the powder. For those who buy capsule coffee machines, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose for their home due to the large selection. Therefore, below is the top best capsule appliances for the home this year.

Capsule devices

And here it is - the opportunity to drink good espresso without hassle and worries, and not particularly expensive. It’s easier than putting in a capsule, slamming it shut, pressing a button and getting a cup of coffee—probably nothing. (Well, unless we talk about instant drinks, which are quite simple to prepare. But is it possible to compare the taste of real coffee and instant coffee?)

Another undoubted advantage of capsule coffee machines is the cleanliness of preparation. No crumbs, puddles or having to clean a dirty cone and the area on the machine where it fits. These machines are unusually neat.

Another important detail is that they are compact, they can easily find a place even in a small six-meter kitchen or in a small office.

In addition, these devices do not require complex maintenance: you just have to descale them every few months. Well, just a godsend for the modern busy person!

Of course, there are also disadvantages. And we have already talked a little about them: you will be forced to drink only the coffee that the capsule manufacturers for this machine offer you. True, the range is expanding all the time, but your choice is still limited.

Difficult choice

Remember the times when each manufacturer's mobile phone had its own individual connector for the charger and the cable from another company was absolutely not suitable for charging? This is approximately how things are now on the capsule coffee maker market.

Therefore, if you decide to purchase this equipment, then, first of all, you need to thoroughly analyze the capsule market and determine whose coffee suits you in terms of taste, availability, and simply price. Having chosen capsules once, you can change your preferences only by changing the coffee maker itself.

Therefore, it is ideal if you try coffee from different capsule manufacturers before purchasing. This is the most troublesome part of the purchase procedure and will require some active action from residents of large cities. Walk around hypermarkets: they often have promotions during which you can not only drink coffee, but also buy a capsule coffee machine at a discount.

How to choose capsules for a coffee machine

A capsule is a special container shaped like a small glass with a lid, containing ground compressed coffee. The first thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing is which capsules are suitable for which coffee machines. Another important criterion is the materials from which they are made. There are disposable and reusable.

Capsule compatibility

The shape, size, and method of arrangement of such mini cups with powder inside must correspond to the design of the machine. There is an initial standard - Nespresso, these are the first devices to hit the market. Nescafe and Tassimo machines are also widespread.


The taste of the drink can be affected by the materials of the container in which the raw materials are brewed. Therefore, you need to give preference to quality options from:

  • aluminum - most companies use it, the foil protects against the effects of metal, its strength allows for repeated use;
  • food-grade plastic is an environmentally friendly material, dense enough but flexible to be brewed once and repeatedly;
  • combined material - most often, containers are made by mixing aluminum, cellulose, and polymer materials.

Disposable and reusable capsules

Most manufacturers of such products offer 2 types:

  1. Disposable containers. They are tied to a specific type of household appliance. The manufacturer takes into account all design features and cooking principles. The downside is the price. Suitable for those who rely on quality rather than quantity.
  2. Reusable cups. Their shape fits most appliances, and the lid can be changed regularly to ensure a tight seal. The downside is that the taste and aroma of the drink is not always proper. Suitable for those who brew frequently and are looking for cheap capsules for a coffee machine.


16 types of coffee: 3 types of Pure Origine, 7 types of Espresso, 3 types of Lungo, 3 - decaffeinated.

Different types of capsules vary in flavor intensity - from 1 to 10. The strongest coffee is contained in black capsules.

The cost of one capsule is 26/29/33 rubles. (in the manufacturer’s online store).

You can order from 10 capsules of one type.

Offers have appeared on the Internet to purchase capsules for Nespresso coffee machines from companies not associated with this manufacturer. These purchases, as they say, can only be made under personal responsibility. If the capsules do not fit or the machine breaks down because of them, no one will help you, you will have to solve all the problems yourself.

Coffee machines that work with these capsules are produced by De'Longhi, Krups, Siemens.

Popular models

Model:Average price (RUB):Capsules:Volume (l):Pressure (bar):Cappuccino:Auto off:View:
Nespresso Essenza Mini C30 White5 500Nespresso0.619+
Krups KP 1002/1006/10093 500Dolce Gusto0.617+
De'Longhi Inissia4 000Nespresso0.719+
Dolce Gusto Krups Piccolo KP100B103 990Dolce Gusto0.615++
De'Longhi EN 80 AE6 500Nespresso0.819++
Bosch TAS 3202/3203/3204/3205 SUNY3 800Tassimo0.817+
De'Longhi EN 50013 500Nespresso119++
Bosch TAS 6002/6003/6004 My Way9 990Tassimo1.319++
Bosch TAS 1402/1403/1404/14073 500Tassimo0.717+
De'Longhi EN 85 Essenza Mini8 990Nespresso0.619++


5 types of Jacobs Monarch coffee and Milka hot chocolate, Twinings tea.

When preparing drinks, the coffee machine reads the barcode from the capsule (manufacturers call them T-discs) and prepares it in an automatic program. The code indicates the volume of water, cooking time, and optimal temperature. All cooking takes place inside the T-disc

The cost of one capsule is 18 rubles. 13 kopecks (in the manufacturer’s online store).

For one serving of drinks with milk, two discs are required: one with cocoa or coffee, one with milk - i.e. the cost of a drink with milk is just over 36 rubles.

Sold in packs of 16 T-discs each.

Coffee machines that work with T-discs are manufactured by Bosch.

Capsules for Nescafe coffee machine

Another large brand that produces coffee machines and related products is Nescafe. The company is constantly improving its products and developing new products. Therefore, there are many types of instant capsules. We analyzed the reviews and conducted our own research, selecting the best products.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino

A classic line of products from the Nescafe brand. The composition includes natural coffee, milk powder of medium fat content. The raw material is a blend of high-quality beans arriving from South America and Arabica. As a result, the prepared drink will surprise you with a strong aroma of espresso with creamy notes. The cappuccino effect is ensured by a special high-pressure processing technology, after which a lush, stable foam is formed. One package contains 16 capsules for a capsule machine per 240 ml cup, of which 8 are pure ground grains, 8 are with milk, sugar, emulsifier.


  • Rich taste, aroma;
  • Ingredients with or without milk;
  • Stable thick foam;
  • Creamy taste;
  • Serves to a large cup;
  • Price.


  • Food plastic;
  • Bitterness.

The natural composition, as indicated by the manufacturer, is 100% Arabica. Experts emphasize high-quality roasting, good consumption along with a low price. This is one of the worthy analogues of the Nespresso brand.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Espresso

The budget version from a well-known manufacturer offered a set for making espresso – Dolce Gusto Espresso. The deep aroma will surprise skeptics of this brewing method. As a result, you can get a drink with thick foam and the finest aroma of grains. As in the previous version, only 100% natural Arabica raw materials are used here. The aftertaste will surprise you with floral notes. One food grade plastic package offers 16 servings per 50ml cup. The intensity level here is maximum – 5. The cost ranges from 450 to 500 rubles.


  • Thick consistency;
  • Dense foam;
  • High intensity;
  • Floral aftertaste;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Price.


  • A small portion may taste bitter.

One of the most popular lines from Nescafe due to its high intensity and economical consumption. If you add cream or milk, the result will be no worse than the original cappuccino.


A very interesting system exists today: you buy a certain number of capsules monthly, and the company can provide a machine for them for free (for rent).

Available in 12 flavors. The cost of any capsule of coffee is 24 rubles, cocoa or powdered milk is 13 rubles. Delivery is free. Representatives of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar have the opportunity to become clients of this company.

Capsules can also be found in other online stores if you purchased the car and did not rent it.

Requires Lavazza coffee machines.

Caffita System

For coffee machines of this standard, capsules are produced by many manufacturers, for example, Julius Meinl - from 199 rubles. for 10 capsules; Chicco Doro – from 195 rub. for 10 capsules; Tchibo – from 200 rub. for 10 capsules; Lofbergs Lila – from 170 rub. for 10 capsules, etc.

Coffee machines that work with capsules of this type are manufactured by Caffitaly and Gaggia.

They are sold in various online stores specializing in coffee.

As you can see for yourself, now there is a noticeable desire of each coffee machine manufacturer to work with only one coffee manufacturer (with the exception of Nespresso; several companies made coffee machines for this system, but, apparently, because it was one of the first).

Of course, we, consumers, would like the situation to be somewhat different: capsules from a variety of manufacturers would be suitable for one coffee machine and we could choose different flavors. But for now you have to first evaluate the capsules, and then choose a coffee machine.

Reusable capsules for coffee machine

Huge savings for those who often make their own coffee drinks - reusable capsules. Usually these are plastic boxes of a similar shape as in the previous categories, but they cost much less. One unit can be used up to 30 times. This explains why most people decide to buy a reusable capsule for their coffee machine. We have selected products with good taste characteristics, the maximum percentage of sales, and a high number of positive reviews.

Home helper

This type of product is suitable for Nespresso brand household appliances. The pack contains 3 pieces, a brush for cleaning them, and a measuring spoon. Material – food grade plastic with holes on the lid and bottom, inside there is a stainless steel mesh filter. Any ground coffee (one type or mix) is poured inside to brew in the machine. During use, the material is easy to clean, does not smell of plastic, so each subsequent portion is fresh and aromatic. The main condition is to fill the container tightly so that there is no air inside. Total weight - 28 g. Price ranges from 950 to 1000 rubles.


  • Cost-effective;
  • Combined material;
  • Dense filter;
  • Easy cleansing;
  • Versatility;
  • Measuring spoon.


  • Flimsy packaging;
  • Coffee spills out.

Gourmets recommend using such containers to prepare cappuccino and espresso. Consumption: approximately 15 cups per unit. It does not handle coarse grinding so well, so it is recommended to use extra fine powder.


Plastic containers for Nespresso coffee machines. Any type of ground grains is poured into them, secured with a lid with foil, and then installed in the equipment. In addition to ground powder, you can add chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and other additives. The degree of strength will depend on the volume of water and its temperature. This item will speed up the cooking process by up to 10-15 seconds. Capsulin is manufactured in France according to European quality standards. They guarantee the high quality of the drink from any variety or manufacturer involved. The consumption is economical - the packaging is designed for approximately 100 cups. Moreover, the price is 350-400 rubles.


  • Saving;
  • Quality of materials;
  • European patent;
  • Universal application;
  • Form for standard machine system.


  • The sticker is difficult to remove;
  • Sales only via the Internet.

Where they are sold, you can purchase additional stickers to extend their service life. User experience has shown that the best results are when using medium grind beans. The plastic is dense, so it can be brewed repeatedly.

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