Disposable and reusable capsules for coffee machines

In the summer of 2021, Bosch decided to update the junior line of its Vivy capsule coffee machines (review of the first series is here). The updated line is called Bosch Tassimo Vivy II T14 .

T14 because the articles changed to:

  • Bosch TAS 1402 Black – black version
  • Bosch TAS 1403 Red – red version
  • Bosch TAS 1404 White – white version
  • Bosch TAS 1407 Cream – beige version

Please note that in Yandex.Market all colors are combined. Therefore, you need to go to the website of a specific store to understand what kind of color is presented there.

The differences between them, as before, are only in color. What has changed in the updated Vivy 2, maybe something has been improved or added?

The most radical change is that the separate on/off key on the right side has disappeared.

Previously, in addition to the drink button on the front side, Tassimo Vivi had a separate power button at the bottom of the right side. Now it's empty. The switching function is assigned to that single front key, and the machine turns off on its own after each preparation of a drink.

The second and final change is that now the “forehead” and the only key are painted in the color of the body

This is the most significant visual “improvement”. Yes, previously, in all colors, the upper lever, which opens access to the camera where the capsule is inserted, as well as the large button on the front panel, were always black (and in the very, very first incarnation, the entire front panel was always black).

In Tassimo Vivy 2, practically nothing disturbs the uniform harmony of color. Except for the plastic grille of the cup stand. I hope that the next update to the line will finally be completely painted in the color of the body.

Changes in the new model compared to the previous generation. Using the beige Bosch TAS 1407 as an example.

No, these are certainly not the only changes, if you look at it formally. In addition to the “more color” approach, the Bosch TAS1402 / 1403 / 1403 / 1407 can be found with slightly smoother curves of the brewing chamber (upper “beak”) and cup stand. The latter has a protruding protrusion - a kind of hook for a slightly more comfortable grip. But this is really such a small thing...

I couldn't find any more changes. Purely technically, the second “Vivi” is 100% the same as the first, it uses the same pressure pump, the same flow-through thermoblock, the same cooking compartment, and the entire body with the same water tank holding 700 ml. The controls, with the exception of the removal of the on/off key, remain the same.

The only key can still adjust the portion volume, but does not allow you to save it for the future. To supply an arbitrary amount of water, do this:

  1. Press the key once, release.
  2. After this, hold it and hold it until the required amount is poured into the cup.

The “flushing” T-disc is hidden on the lower left under the tank. In the photo: white Bosch TAS 1404.

Also included is a special yellow disk for launching an automatic descaling program (hidden at the bottom on the left side). The stand for cups, although it received slightly different contours, remained at exactly the same level in terms of functionality. It can be set to two different heights or removed completely, then tall latte glasses will fit under the dispenser.

For the sake of formality, I repeat that, like all coffee makers of the Tassimo system, the Bosch TAS 1402 and the company are based on the principle of reading barcodes from capsules (in the case of Tassimo, they are also called T-discs). This allows the coffee maker to activate one of the programmed programs to produce the appropriate drink. The programs differ mainly in the volume of supply, plus there are stated differences in the water heating temperature and brewing time.

To read barcodes, a scanner is used in the capsule chamber, which, as before, must be wiped from time to time. There is no automatic ejection of used capsules; there is no container for this.

What are Tassimo coffee capsules for coffee machines made from?

The manufacturer cares about the quality of its product, so Tassimo uses trustworthy coffee varieties to produce capsules. Among the additives, natural flavors are used, which include cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla and others.

If the composition includes milk, then it first undergoes ultrafiltration (a specially developed method for concentrating this product). Thanks to this, milk retains its taste and properties, and coffee does not have any unpleasant aftertaste and does not lose its color.

Coffee capsules are made from high quality products and undergo strict control by the manufacturer.

Nespresso Original coffee machine capsules

The world-famous company Nestlé produces coffee machines and coffee makers under the Nespresso brand. It was this brand that was the first to produce ready-made portions for ease of preparation of ready-made dosages. The packaging offers 16 varieties of convenient storage system to choose from with a strength from 1 to 10 points. The rating is represented by 2 nominees with the maximum percentage of favorable reviews.

Nespresso Volluto

One of the most popular flavors of Swiss espresso. Light roasting has a grainy aftertaste. The raw materials used are Colombian and Brazilian Arabica with a slight sourness. 100% organics are grown on small private plantations according to local traditions. The finished drink has a fruity, sweet taste with notes of cereals and bread. One package contains 10 pieces, for which you will need to pay 300-350 rubles. One capsule for a Nespresso coffee machine holds 4 g, which is enough for a 30-40 ml cup. Flavor intensity marked 2. At the frying stage, essential oils are preserved, which affects the taste.


  • Good organoleptic properties;
  • Availability of different tastes;
  • Moderate sourness, bitterness;
  • Natural composition;
  • Fruity notes.


  • Lacks strength;
  • Price.

During the cooking process it forms a persistent aromatic foam. Buyers approve of the naturalness, preservation of beneficial qualities, and reduction of caffeine levels to a minimum. Thanks to this, the drink does not disturb sleep and is suitable for those for whom coffee is contraindicated.

Starbucks House Blend

A blend of selected dark brown Arabica beans, produced since 1971. It has notes of cocoa beans, irises, and roasted nuts. The grains are grown on plantations in Latin America. The buyer is offered 3 degrees of roasting to choose from - light, medium, dark. The sealed aluminum packaging allowed the quality of the raw materials to be preserved; it protects from exposure to light, moisture, and air. The rich finished drink gives off nutty, chocolate, light sweet notes. One package contains 10 pieces of 5.7 g for a 110 ml serving, compatible with Nespresso machines. Price 240-260 rubles.


  • 100% Arabica;
  • Several degrees of roasting;
  • Large portion;
  • Sealed packaging;
  • Price.


  • Weak strength;
  • Wateriness.

Compared to drinks from Starbucks, it lacks richness and strength. Therefore, it is better to prepare light or medium roast capsules with less water. On the contrary, the most roasted grains may seem bitter. The price justifies such flaws; it is lower than many brands.

Advantages and disadvantages

Capsules of this brand are in great demand among coffee connoisseurs. And this is not easy, because they have a number of advantages:

  • coffee is obtained with high taste and rich aroma;
  • there is a wide variety to choose from;
  • the price corresponds to the quality;
  • High quality ingredients are used.

Capsules are only suitable for special coffee machines.
Among the disadvantages of Tassimo capsules, it can be noted that they are suitable only for use in coffee machines of this brand. Also, despite all the positive aspects of the product and its quality, the price, in comparison with other offers, is much higher. But this area pays off, as the drink is truly rich and flavorful.

Original Bosch Tassimo capsules

Original coffee capsules look like a small glass with a lid, inside of which there is packaged and pressed roasted premium coffee. Additionally, the coffee is processed and specially ground. The company has released many flavor variations:

  • lungo – a soft drink, designed for a mug with a volume of 110 ml;
  • cappuccino;
  • classic espresso and with milk - you can independently adjust the strength of the drink;
  • caramel cappuccino;
  • Americano and much more.

Coffee machine and capsules

The coffee machine independently regulates the preparation of the drink, the volume of water required and its temperature. Also, a special unique milk concentration system is used here, thanks to which it perfectly preserves its taste without impairing the taste and aroma of the finished coffee.

Manufacturers recommend using a special capsule with milk powder made from natural milk using the company’s special technology. This will be the key to high-quality taste and aroma.

A cup of coffee

Name:Brand:Cup size:Prices (RUB):Description:View:
Espresso ClassicoJacobssmall189balanced taste and rich aroma with fruity notes, topped with thick creamy foam
Espresso Cafe Long AromatiqueL'ORbig199with delicate citrus notes
Americano ClassicoJacobsbig399with velvety foam
Caffè Crema ClassicoJacobsaverage399with a balanced taste and refined aroma
Espresso Cafe Long AromatiqueL'ORaverage399with delicate citrus notes
Espresso ClassiqueL'ORsmall399rich taste and bright aroma of Espresso Classique
Cafe Long IntenseCarte Noireaverage499with a velvety texture, rich, rich taste and captivating aroma
Petit-Déjeuner IntenseCarte Noirebig499from 100% Arabica beans with a bright aroma
Espresso ClassicoJacobssmall399an intense espresso that combines a balanced taste and rich aroma with fruity notes, topped with a thick, creamy crema

How much do they cost and where to buy

The price of capsules is dynamic. This means that it changes depending on what taste customers choose and in what packaging. On average, it varies from 420 to 600 rubles.

Tassimo capsules are available in a variety of flavors in most major supermarkets

Usually there are 16 capsules in one package, that is, 16 servings of coffee. But if the drink requires the addition of a dairy ingredient, then, therefore, a pack of 16 capsules will be designed for only 8 servings (8 with coffee, and 8 with milk).

Capsules can be purchased with coffee from Jacobs, L'Or, Carte Noire brands. Available drinks are espresso, Americano, macchiato, cappuccino and many others.

You can purchase the product in regular grocery stores. But online stores offer a larger selection to choose from. Therefore, in finding the right taste, you can turn to their help. With this option, you can even save money on your purchase.


The main disadvantage of Tassimo capsules is their expensive price. But even in this matter, you can find a solution by choosing an analogue, the number of which cannot but rejoice. For example, analog DiMaestri capsules can be found from the Nespresso brand.

They are very similar in shape to the original ones, so they are perfect for use in Tassimo and Bosch coffee machines and coffee makers.

The approximate price is 300 rubles per package. Another alternative option is Dolce Gusto. It is not inferior to the original either in taste, or in richness, or in quality of goods. And the manufacturer also made sure that the capsules are suitable for different coffee machines, including Tassimo. The price question again varies in the range of 300 rubles per package.

Tassimo capsules cost an average of 500 rubles per pack of 16 pieces

There are also capsule-type options for reusable use.

Tassimo capsules are chosen by many lovers and connoisseurs of coffee and coffee drinks. And this is not in vain. The product has earned trust solely for its high quality and variety. Excellent taste, rich shades of aromas and, of course, richness - all this characterizes Tassimo capsules and makes them special and unique.

All the nuances were inherited

All the disadvantages are actually typical for all Tassimo coffee makers and the Bosch Vivy II does not stand out in any way against their background:

  • The T-disc compartment lid is difficult to open and close (the capsule is punctured during closing). It’s not that it’s impossible to open/close it, but compared to coffee machines of other capsule systems, this is a fact.
  • Before starting delivery, the coffee machine seems to start pumping air first. This is a rather unpleasant sound, even taking into account the fact that all coffee makers with a pump, in principle, do not operate very quietly. After this, it goes into a mode familiar to all pump coffee makers.
  • After dispensing the drink, the machine carries out a so-called automatic steam cleaning of the dispenser. Even if only coffee was served, no milk. This looks unnecessary, the steam comes out quite significantly, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it.
  • In the dispenser, in the dispensing spout, there is a rather clever system for “improving” the dispensing of either milk (such as a built-in cappuccino maker) or coffee (imitation crema foam). This “spare part” consists of several elements that must be removed, disassembled and washed from time to time. Nothing complicated, but some buyers of capsule coffee machines think that apart from pressing the “make coffee” button, there is nothing else to do.

But perhaps the saddest thing is that over the last year the company decided to cut costs and downgraded its capsules and T-discs, which contain milk. In defiance of the Dolce Gusto, Tassimo system, they began to use powdered milk rather than liquid concentrate for milk and coffee drinks.

At your service are 15 Carte Noire and Jacobs milk-coffee drinks + Twinings tea + Milka cocoa

You will find a complete list and detailed description of Tassimo branded capsules in my special material.

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